Welcome to Study in Malaysia !

October 3rd, 2009

Find out the benefits of studying in Malaysia colleges and universities  for your first degree or post graduate degree.

Briefly here are the main factors making Malaysia a favorite choice for students from developing countries for doing their degree programs here:

(1) Malaysia is a politically stable country,therefore there is no worry about riots ever happening.

(2) Malaysia is not laying on any earth quake belt, or in the path of any typhoon, and there is no live volcano. Hence this is a country free from natural disasters.

(3) Malaysia is a multi-racial country, the many races live harmoniously together, merging the various cultures into one unique culture of our own. During your stay here,not only will you learn the knowledge from text books,but also will learn first hand how to live with other races peacefully. This a priceless skill to acquire.

(4) Malaysia is a very beautiful country. It has many beautiful beaches and islands like Tioman,Pangkor,Langkawi,Sipadan and many more. We have also mountains like Gunung Tahan,Mount Kinabalu inviting you to climb them. The vast age-old rain forests is another attraction to naturists and botanists.

(5) There is no severe winter and hot summer here, we have only raining season and dry seasons.

(6) Malaysia is paradise for people who like to try out exotic cuisines.The multi racial background of Malaysia enables it to produce wide range of tasty food of any variety which you can possibly think of.

(7) Malaysia being an ex colony of  Britain, English is widely spoken here. You are able to pursue your courses in English without any problem.

(8) The most important factor is this – the cost of living in Malaysia is only about 1/3 of the developed countries where the universities which awarded the degrees you are studying for are situated.

Please consider Malaysia before you go to any country that may cost much more to study for your degrees.